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Isabel Kirk



In Eastern Time

Nov 28-Dec 4
  • Fee: $200 per video session
  • 13 years of experience

What do you think is the biggest barrier today for people seeking care?

There is still the stigma that looking for therapy is because you have problems or something is wrong with you. As humans we are afraid of vulnerability and pain, and we don't wanna confront it. People that come to therapy are very brave because even when scared and uncomfortable they dare to be vulnerable to another flawed human being.

In what ways do your life philosophy and treatment philosophy overlap?

I believe that to be a congruent and genuine person/therapist you have to be honest with yourself and the work you do. You can only bring somebody as far as you have gone. I walk the walk and continue to work on myself and grow as a person and a professional while daily cultivating compassion for me and others.

How has your particular field of specialization evolved in recent years and how has that impacted your work?

As an attachment expert I continue learning about new modalities that address the core issues and early trauma: The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy-DNMS (an Ego State Therapy for Healing Adults with Childhood Trauma & Attachment Wounds), EMDR-Attachment Focused for healing Relational Trauma, SATe Somatic Experiencing-based attachment repair program. The Marriage of EMDR and Ego State Theory in Couples Therapy

Work History

I'm a Bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor Psychologist. (Virginia Professional License #0701004872 Exp. 06/30/2021) with more than 14 years in the counseling field.  I believe, my own personal journey, professional intuition and extensive training in counseling are the main skills I possess as a counselor psychologist. Therefore, I work with individuals, couples, families and groups from different backgrounds and situations. So, my main focus is to provide long term changes. Moreover, I like to help people not only to solve problems but to have more fulfilling lives.



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VA, LPC, 0701004872


200 Little Falls St.,, Falls Church, 22046, VA